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Network management vs technical assistance

Technical assistance services have the goal of maximizing the availability of resources, ensuring the continuity of company IT services by optimizing use of devices thanks to specific criteria.

Fortunately, today we have the power to constantly checking network performance in real time and quickly resolve any kind of problems.

All network management applications proposed by B-Sys help your business.

Our job is to make you work better, securely by strategically planning the change and transformation of your corporate network.

Why do we try to avoid downtime in work?

If this has happened, you will know that machine downtime can cause various damages:

delay in operation

disservice to customers

Moreover, often in offices there are power cuts, malfunctions, suspension of services and blocking of computers or printers. In these situations, time is really money and it becomes essential to count on the rapid solutions of qualified personnel to ensure the safety of the entire system and business continuity.

What is a technical assistance service?

The specialized technical assistance service offered by B-Sys is a technical and operational service, aimed at really solving more or less serious problems, also from the point of view of safety. Technical assistance covers the area of ​​hardware, networks and Windows and Linux systems. The main feature of technical assistance contracts is smart thanks to their scalability: each company has the possibility to choose the level of service most relevant to its business reality, investing in a specific way and with the possibility of changing its choices at any time.